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I officially am completely ashamed to live in this world. I am beyond pissed off. Honestly. So, Mitch Lucker died 2 days ago right? It’s awful. It’s completely horrible. But, what’s even worst is the One Direction Fans who are taking things way too far. Not only have they been saying Mitch “deserved to die,” because he was “emo,” but now they are saying Kenadee deserves to die. Not only to die, but to kill herself. Kenadee Lucker is a beautiful little girl. She is FIVE YEARS OLD. Five. Her dad, her best friend, her everything, died 2 days ago. And now people on Twitter are saying things like


honestly? What makes you think that it would EVER be okay to tell a FIVE YEAR OLD to kill herself? I can’t even believe people can be so disrespectful and disgusting.

I don’t even listen to Suicide Silence’s music. But I know Mitch…

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