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August 11, 2016

I’m making this post for anyone who feels like me this week. Anyone who has felt the weight of the world crushing them down and feeling like no matter how hard they fight against the current they’re still drowning.

There is something beautiful in everyday. Something worth smiling about. It may be extremely small, but it’s still something. You have to hold on to that when the hope is gone and faith is lost. You have to hold on to it with all you have left in you because without it you’ll drown.Whether it’s your friends surprising you with a night out or hearing your favorite song just hold on to it.

Spread love and positivity  even on your worst days cause that’s when you’ll need it most. Just because the world isn’t spinning in your direction doesn’t give you the right to rain on someone else’s day. It makes no sense to ask the universe and all its inhabitants to give you a break and you’re treating everyone like trash. Always remember that everyone is going through something so try your hardest to not be an asshole.

Always be kind to the world. Even when the world is unkind to you. Always love and respect yourself. Even when life is giving you a million reasons not to.

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August 7, 2016

I figured that I’d share one of the very best days of my life with you guys today, because it just happened to be a year ago this very day. It was the day I met Jon Foreman.

It was Satuday and I had stayed up all night the night before and woke up extremely early because I was just too excited. I was finally about to see Switchfoot. I’ve been a fan of them ever since I heard The Beautiful Letdown and have been listening ever since, but this…this was my first show. I was actually going to see them live. I scrambled around to shower and get dressed, printed out my ticket, and practically ran to the train station.

The entire ride from New Brunswick to Asbury Park I was blasting Switchfoot (which is honestly no different than other day, but this time it had more significance obviously) and quite literally bouncing along to every song. I had so many things running around through the my head. “What if I get to meet them?” “What if I get to hug them?” “Would they let me hug them?” “I’ll finally be able to thank them!”. I had no V.I.P pass but I was chalk full of hope. 

Of course I arrived hours before the show so I was just walking around Asbury. Visiting friends and hoping to at least catch a glimpse of the band. I didn’t get a chance to but I still had fun wondering around aimlessly and discovering new places to hide on the beach. I kept watching the clock (which of course made time go slower) and when it was finally time for them to open the doors to the show I ran as fast as I could to the Summer Stage. I could feel in my bones that this was gonna be one of the best if not THE best show I’d ever go to. 

I got in, got a spot, and stood there happily waiting for the show to start. I had been walking around all day and my adrenaline was pumping. So much that when I finally stood still I realized how tired I truly was and how sore I was. I started to freak out. “This can’t be happening now” I thought “I’ve been looking forward to this show since I bought the tickets in February!”. I went from slightly freaked to slightly annoyed. 

I decided I didn’t care. I didn’t care if I fainted right then and there. Nothing was going to stop me from seeing the band I love so much. I forced myself to get it together and mustered up all the energy I could. There were two bands before Switchfoot and they were really awesome, but I was trying to save up my energy for Switchfoot. That didn’t work long cause it’s physically impossible for me to hear music I like and stand still. 

Finally. Switchfoot. I lost my voice after the second song. That’s how loud I was screaming. I forgot how tired I was and how sore I was and in that moment life was amazing. I felt amazing. I cried to a few songs, danced to some, and sang along to all. It was amazing. It was the best show I’d been to (not counting my dad’s shows. He rules all).

Then their set was over and the tiredness set in again and I knew I wouldn’t make it through the last band (I’m really sorry NEEDTOBREATHE. I really did want to see your set). I was on my way back to go see my friend to pick up my stuff so I could catch the train when I remembered: Jon Foreman does after shows. Well sometimes anyway. I was now on a new mission: see a Jon Foreman after show. I sat with my friend watching for updates to see if there would in fact be one. Having a drink or two and nodding off.

Then finally the tweet came. There would in fact be an after show. He said the place and I shot up and out of the building hoping to see Jon before he had to go up. I know Jon Foreman is not Switchfoot. Switchfoot is made up of five amazing men and I love them all to bits, but Jon’s solo stuff has also seen me through some really hard times. All I wanted to do was thank him ask him to thank the band for me. Also pay him cause when the Wonderlands came out I illegally downloaded it cause I had no money. 

As fast as I ran I stopped at the wrong and spot missed out on seeing Jon. I was bummed. So bummed. I guess it was written on my face because a girl came up to me and asked me what was wrong. I explained the whole thing to her. She grabbed my hand and said clear as day: “you’re meeting Jon”. She started running and pulled me behind. Once we got there he had started performing so I thought I missed my shot again until she started getting me to the front and told me to poke him and she started calling his name. Soon people started asking why and what was going on and I told them I just wanted to thank him and soon enough everyone was calling him and telling him to stop. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

He stopped, looked around, and looked down at me. Was this really happening? Was I actually in front of Jon Foreman? I was just standing there looking like a deer caught in headlights until Jon said “hi” and I shakily got a hi out in response. I started going a mile a minute and he stopped me and told me to stand on the bench with him. This was happening. I was meeting Jon. I was suddenly aware that my last drink was a Jack and Coke and I felt very self conscious. 

I managed to get out that I wanted to thank him and Switchfoot for all they’ve done and that I more than likely wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for them. I asked him for a hug and he said of course and gave me a huge hug and I asked if I could get a quick picture and he happily allowed one. He told me to introduce myself to everyone and I said my name. Suddenly very aware of the time and that the last train of the night would be leaving soon I told him that I was extremely sorry but I had a promise to keep to my mom and had to get home. I told everyone goodnight, jumped on the bench, and raced to the train station.

The picture he and I took together has been the wallpaper on my phone since that night and I have no intention on changing it anytime soon. I still owe him money though (I’ve got you next time Jon). There has yet been a night that tops that night and to this day it still means the world to me. Jon and Switchfoot will always mean the world to me and I’ll never be able to say thank you enough.