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October 5,2016



So far this week just sucks. 

I was feeling good and I guess a little too good cause the universe just seems to drowning me right now. I’m trying to remain hopeful and positive, but right now I just want to lay in bed and cry. You’d think I’d be used to this by now.

You’d think it stops hurting. Your chest stops feeling like there’s a massive weight on it. Your tears won’t well up when it’s all begins to feel like. You’d think but it doesn’t. 

I won’t quit. I’ll finish out this week as strong as I can and as positive as I know how and just pray for better days. After all the storms do come to make us stronger. 



Follow your heart Be who you are Settle for nothing less than the best Believe in yourself Believe in love Party hard Party Loud No Matter What ALWAYS Be Proud No Lies, No Drama, No Negativity. Live free and live life to the fullest <3

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