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May 1, 2017

I really was a lot better at this last year (posting regularly I mean).

I’m addicted to love and art, which I guess in a way are two of the same. I don’t think you can have one without the other. It seems impossible. No matter how dark and twisted they may seem, they are in one way or another beautiful. They open your heart and mind to different aspects of life and people. Whenever you meet or breakup with a person your views on everything change for the most part. The same with art. Whenever you listen to a new song, read a new book, or look a painting it touches some part of your soul. It may not be the happiest feeling but you look at things in a different way.

Maybe that’s why they’re my addiction. I love the light but can’t function without a bit of dark. Well, I could but life always has a different plan for me. They balance each other out and make the pain bearable. They make it worth while and mean something, and trust me you need the pain to mean something. Love is what keeps me going. It’s what makes me smile just as much as it makes me cry. I love with all that I have and I love to see people who are loved and in love. There’s no purer feeling and no better feeling (besides maybe a free cheeseburger and french fries from your favorite place).

The same with art. You can’t make art without passion. You won’t move a person if you don’t feel it. Whether a song takes me back to a dark time in my life or the best day of my life it takes me there. No money needed, no taxis or planes, and no hangover left afterwards. It’s like flying or being stabbed a million times (depending on which memory you’ve been taken to).

It’s helped me see the world (and all things in it) in a better light. It’s the energy that keeps me going and the force that drives me to do and want more. I have a bit of a spark left in me and I know that it can grow into a flame if I just keep working and trying. That spark is there because of all the art I see in people everyday and all the love that continues to flow from those I know and don’t know. Love and art are the most precious things that we have. Never take them for granted and might I suggest incorporating them in your everyday life? You may see a side of life and people who you never thought you could.